I told the clone he was crazy

Uncategorized May 11, 2021

The last week of single life for my son Wes, AKA The Clone.

I tried to warn him...but he's dead set on getting married this Saturday.

I'm kidding, of course.

Unlike my dad, who actually called me two weeks before my wedding to talk me out of it (and failed), I think marrying Chelsea is the smartest thing Was has ever done. I'm very happy for and proud of him.

So while his mother is back in Nashville freaking out over anything that might go wrong this week, I wisely drove up to the urban lair for a few days of R & R. As Wes will soon learn, the key to a long term marriage is periodic separation, especially during moments of stress.

On an unrelated note...

A lot of you asked me about the gift my office gives out every time someone visits my office. If you haven't seen the video, click here: https://vimeo.com/546456475/67816380b3

I asked her Ladyship, Dutchess Grace of Fortune, to provide a few more details on how to get your own version if you'd like.

Many of you inquired....

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Stupid stuff we hear

Uncategorized May 07, 2021

Stupid Stuff I Hear
-By Dan Cuprill

Let's face it...

In the past 12 months, we've heard more stupid stuff than ever before.

Right now doctors everywhere are telling us there's no need to wear masks if we're fully vaccinated.

And even if you're not vaccinated, they say the virus doesn't transmit outside.

And yet, we've got the sleepy one and "Dr." Biden going maskless indoors while visiting ninety year olds, but putting it back on when they go outside.

And we're being required to wear masks in outdoor ball parks...where we also must distance socially.

I'm starting to wonder if there's a hidden agenda to this whole "crisis."

Just like I always feel there's a hidden agenda when product VEN-DERZzz offer advice on how to run our practices.

Let's face it...most VEN-DERZzz are lead by people who never worked a day as a financial advisor. And if they did, they weren't very good at it or didn't do it for very long.

A product vendor is the ultimate king of the pyramid.

That doesn't make them...

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What I learn from unimpressive people

mindset Apr 12, 2021

By Dan Cuprill

What I learn from unimpressive people

In a recent discussion with a woman from Great Britain (more on her in a second), I was taken aback by a comment she made about the US.

To paraphrase, she said America is a place where anybody can achieve anything.

It surprised me b/c having heard that my entire life (and of course I agree), I do find it a bit cliche in 2021.

After all, capitalism is now more the norm globally, and we've witnessed great entrepreneurial success in many other countries.

I'm surprised someone from another country felt that way. I'm glad they still do.

What does set us apart, perhaps, is how we expect to succeed. It's an attitude.

Some of the most successful people I ever met have the attitude, and very little else.

They aren't physically impressive. They weren't born into money. They have limited formal education.

But they succeeded beyond what anyone might expect.

This isn't a fluke. You aren't born with this mindset. It's a like muscle. You must...

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My sold kidney

nurture Mar 09, 2021

By Wes Cuprill

What Blue Nile taught me about prospect nurturing.

About 2 years ago, I decided what any other sensible 24-year old bachelor would: it was time to sign my life away and get married.

But first I had to sell a kidney and buy a ring.

I knew immediately where I'd buy this overpriced piece of carbon: Blue Nile, an online jewelry company.

The vast majority of people shop several places before buying an engagement ring, so how was my decision so easy?

Simple. Blue Nile was at the top of my mind because they had effectively nurtured me for several years.

Before I'd even met my bride-to-be, Blue Nile had gotten my email address. That led to countless promotional and informational emails from them.

Early on, I doubt I opened more than one or two of these emails, but I saw them every single day.

Then, when I was thinking about proposing, I started reading these emails, and when I was ready to pull the trigger, my decision easy.

Blue Nile understood how to patiently nurture me so...

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