Stupid stuff we hear

Uncategorized May 07, 2021

Stupid Stuff I Hear
-By Dan Cuprill

Let's face it...

In the past 12 months, we've heard more stupid stuff than ever before.

Right now doctors everywhere are telling us there's no need to wear masks if we're fully vaccinated.

And even if you're not vaccinated, they say the virus doesn't transmit outside.

And yet, we've got the sleepy one and "Dr." Biden going maskless indoors while visiting ninety year olds, but putting it back on when they go outside.

And we're being required to wear masks in outdoor ball parks...where we also must distance socially.

I'm starting to wonder if there's a hidden agenda to this whole "crisis."

Just like I always feel there's a hidden agenda when product VEN-DERZzz offer advice on how to run our practices.

Let's face it...most VEN-DERZzz are lead by people who never worked a day as a financial advisor. And if they did, they weren't very good at it or didn't do it for very long.

A product vendor is the ultimate king of the pyramid.

That doesn't make them evil. It just shows where their motivation comes from. Which often conflicts entirely with yours.

Your goal, if you're wise, is to become your largest client by stashing away a significant amount of your profits into your own portfolio.

The VEN-DERZzz will try to convince you NOT to invest in your stock portfolio, but to "invest" in your company by increasing your overhead so you must continue to chase new clients.

I've met a lot of broke millionaires in my day. Guys and gals who on the surface appear to be very successful, but in truth carry a ton of debt and little liquidity.

And that's because they accepted a vision for success by an entity that could care two cents if you make a profit. In fact, they'd prefer you didn't.

To learn more about this conflict, click here:

Dan Cuprill, CFP

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