What if? - EVERYTHING You've Ever Been Told About Building Your Practice

(Especially by Vendors, FMO's, and Ad Agencies)

...is WRONG?!?

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Dear Fellow Advisor, 

If your office is anything like mine, you get a flood of invitations to "improve your business" on a weekly, if not daily, basis. These invitations for yet another multi-day event, online course or "coaching program" make outrageous promises in the hopes of getting you drunk on hope.

This WILL be different.

My name is Dan Cuprill, and like you, I'm a financial advisor. Not a former financial advisor. Not a guy with a sad story of how I was once on the top of the world, then lost it all because of someone else's stupidity - only to rise like a phoenix to share their secrets for a price. That's not my story. I'm a day-in, day-out financial advisor, who navigates the ever changing minefield of regulations and government interference, compliance departments, prospects and clients.

I have a fee-based practice in Cincinnati that consistently generates $1 million a year in profit. 

Not revenue. 


And I do it all with a support staff of just one person.  Until recently, I didn’t even have another advisor in my office.  Today I do because I now work ON my business, not in it.  In fact, I now live 300 miles from my office.

 I’ll let you in a little secret:  The key to growing your personal wealth as a business owner and financial advisor has much less to do with marketing than your product pushers want you to know.

Sad but true, most financial advisors I meet nowadays prefer to run away from reality.  They chase the next shiny object hoping this time they’ve found the secret to overnight success.  They buy into every misguided suggestion their VEN-DERZZ make, like Facebook ads to fill seminars (with 90% no-shows), dinner seminars that attract more pre-diabetics than pre-retirees, and client workshops that attract the same 25 people each and every time with no referrals. 

There comes a time in every financial advisor’s life when he or she has to stand up and say: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”  And that’s the moment when everything starts to change… when life turns around for the better. 

So… what are you prepared to do about it?

Imagine how you’ll feel when you no longer have to deal with a marketing strategy that doesn’t work and forces you into debt. 

Or your office now runs in an efficient, systematic way that maximizes your profit while reducing your overhead. 

Or you now have a selling system that determines in 15 minutes whether a prospect will become an ideal client, one likely to let you manage 100% of his/her money and live with you through up and down markets. 

Imagine having an automated system that generates referrals, captures leads, and invites them to your workshops…with minimal direct mail cost.   

Or a system that seamlessly converts the adult children of your clients into clients themselves. 

Imagine having a practice built not around hitting a sales goal, but a profit goal, one that others will someday want to buy.

Imagine what it would be like to have a systems-based practice that allows you to work “on” your business, rather than “in” your business.

"Systems create profit.
Profit gives us the freedom we want."

Dan Cuprill, Founder, Advisor Architect
What We Do

Hear it From Former Renegade Advisors

To stand above the thousands of competitors, you have to have a message. Showing clients how to protect their qualified accounts from taxation is THE MESSAGE that echoes with my target market. Dan’s system showed me how to use that message to create a stream of financial planning clients.

–Greg Black, Salt Lake City, UT

With Renegade Advisor, Dan Cuprill has developed a step by step process that will show you had to run your business like a business. Profit first, effective marketing. smart decision making. And his personal involvement keeps you focused at all time.

–Matt Hausman, West Chester, PA

Bottom line…Dan is a very smart guy who understands what it takes to create and run a profit based practice. It’s about a lot more than just throwing money are marketing. In fact, he’s shown me how sometimes throwing more money at marketing is the worse thing you can do to maximize your profitability.

–J’Neane Theus, Columbia, MD

Thanks to Dan, I now understand the difference between a marketing system and a selling system. To grow your practice profitably, you need both. Thanks to his systems, I now have both.

–Tim Estes, CFP, Fort Worth, TX

What I like best about working with Dan is that everything he teaches comes from his own experience. He’s not throwing a bunch of theory or untried strategies at you. He understand the obstacles a fee based advisor faces because he is one. He’s showing you things that he does every day in his own practice.

–Sam Badgley, Williamstown, WV

For me, Dan's selling system within Renegade Advisor solved the mystery of selling. I now go into every meeting with a very clear agenda and know in minutes whether or not the prospect will become an idea client. I am in total control. As a result, my real closing ratio has skyrocketed.

–Ryan Fleming, Charleston, SC


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