So, you're looking for a coach, huh?

mindset Jun 17, 2021

Coaching. It’s all the rage these days in the world of financial advisors.

Just do a simple google search of “coach for financial advisors” and you’ll get numerous results. For good reason, too.

Being a financial advisor is increasingly difficult by the day. You work in a hyper-competitive, increasingly commoditized profession. You need every edge you can get to remain relevant and successful, and hiring a professional coach can help.

The promised benefits of a coach are numerous:

  • Improved mindset, eliminated mental barriers, no more limiting beliefs
  • More clients from your target market
  • More income and more freedom

The list goes on.

However, just knowing that hiring a coach is beneficial doesn’t make hiring one any easier. In fact, your choice is made even more difficult by the prevalence of mastermind and focus groups that have formed as a lower-priced alternative to coaching. While you don’t get the 1-on-1 exposure you do with a coach, these...

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What I learn from unimpressive people

mindset Apr 12, 2021

By Dan Cuprill

What I learn from unimpressive people

In a recent discussion with a woman from Great Britain (more on her in a second), I was taken aback by a comment she made about the US.

To paraphrase, she said America is a place where anybody can achieve anything.

It surprised me b/c having heard that my entire life (and of course I agree), I do find it a bit cliche in 2021.

After all, capitalism is now more the norm globally, and we've witnessed great entrepreneurial success in many other countries.

I'm surprised someone from another country felt that way. I'm glad they still do.

What does set us apart, perhaps, is how we expect to succeed. It's an attitude.

Some of the most successful people I ever met have the attitude, and very little else.

They aren't physically impressive. They weren't born into money. They have limited formal education.

But they succeeded beyond what anyone might expect.

This isn't a fluke. You aren't born with this mindset. It's a like muscle. You must...

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