You really want to be that guy?

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

There's an old story that says if you ever want someone to leave you alone, just tell them you're a financial advisor. Or worse, that you sell life insurance.

And if you want your clients to leave you alone, keep asking them for referrals every time you see them.

Look, I get it. VEN-DERZzz have told you for years to ask for referrals. They even bring in "EX-PURTZ" to show you how to do it.

"Mr. Client, I know this time is supposed to be about you, but I want to make it about me..."

Think about it, my friend in profit.

And let's be clear...getting a name is not a referral. Just b/c I happen to know Warren Buffett doesn't mean he'd like to hire you.

The best referral strategies are done without even asking for them.

Don't get me wrong. There is a deliberate strategy at play, but making yourself a selfish nuisance isn't part of it.

In the June edition of the Profitable Advisor Letter, I am revealing an incredibly exhaustive study of the no-ask referral strategy that consistently outperforms any other approach.

Best of all, it's one clients love because it keeps the attention focussed on them and not you. And that's where it should be, which is why they refer.

If you want a copy, go here:

Dan Cuprill, CFP

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