First fan boy meeting of 2021

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021

If you think meetings hosted by investment product VEN-DERZzz are full of self-proclaimed gurus and fan-boy wannabes, then you should spend a little time at the meeting hosted by the folks at Magnetic Marketing.

Now, don't get me wrong. Some really valuable stuff is taught at these meetings. In fact, The Clone and I are headed to one today in Cleveland.

That's right, an actual live meeting with no masks or social distancing. God love Cleveland.

As far as I know, it's the first live meeting hosted by Dan Kennedy (an actual, bonafide guru) since he recovered from a near-fatal illness over a year ago (and no, it wasn't Wuhan).

But much like the FMO and TAMP meetings, the crowd is filled with the same familiar faces who every year show up in search of the next shiny object or holy grail.

And when you ask them what action they've taken based on what they learned at the last meeting, the answer is usually the same.


Oh, they have plenty of excuses as to why it's nothing. But it's still nothing.

And that's because knowledge and action are two very different things.

Knowledge without action is worthless. Kind of like the academics who wreck economies based on theory when they've never started a business in their lives. They're worthless.

Massive action, mi amigo, is the key to success. Like I say again and again, you don't need coaching. You already know what to do. You need implementation.

If you've like to learn how we can help with that, schedule a 15-minute call by going here:

Dan Cuprill, CFP

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