DC reveals why you’re not getting any referrals...


Financial Advisors…

When’s the last time you heard of someone saying

“I have to tell you about the amazing time I had at my financial advisor’s office!”

… probably never.


Here’s a statistic that might scare you a little.

According to multiple sources, getting new clients can cost anywhere from 5 - 25 times more than just keeping your current ones. Given what financial advisors sometimes do to get new clients, guaranteed it’s on the higher end (steak dinner, anyone?).

But - what if there was a way you could take that a step further and not only keep your current clients happy, but thrill them so much that they tell everyone they know about you?

What would that do for your marketing budget, and for your bottom line?


Since I am a huge advocate for learning from those smarter than me, I decided to borrow from the masters of customer satisfaction - Disney!  

Disney has put together a magical and personalized approach to customer service. As a result, they’ve welcomed 157 million guests to their parks - with a 70% rate of returning guests. And, as you know, Disney fans are fanatically loyal - and most importantly, they spread their love of all things Disney around and tell the people they know all about it.

This course will help you to you create that magical experience in your own financial practice. 

Dan Cuprill and Disney’s Client Experience Strategist Vance Morris present…

Disnify Your Practice

I’ve teamed up with a member of Disney’s team and (legally) stole Disney’s 7 keys to creating an experience that your clients will talk about every time they leave your office.

More talking? More referrals.


What’s included in Disnify Your Practice?

You get 7 modules of actionable content - seven tips that Disney uses to create unforgettable experiences that make their guests come back again and again.

In each module, watch the first video where Client Experience Strategist Vance Morris details exactly how Disney applies the magic key to their daily operations. Then, move on to the second module where I will demonstrate how you can apply it to your financial practice.  Included you'll find downloadable examples of how I've implemented these keys into my own practice.

Magic Key #1: The Wow Component

Magic Key #2: Details, Details, Details

Magic Key #3: Employee Magic

Magic Key #4: Service Standards

Magic Key #5: Environment

Magic Key #6: Process

Magic Key #7: The Magic of Bringing-It-All-Together

"No one understands marketing and client nurture for financial advisors better than Dan Cuprill. That's probably because he is one. My businesses has more than doubled since working with him. "

Kevin Wray
Wray Financial Services, Pinconning, MI

The Money Question

What does it cost to bring this magic from Disney’s secret vault to your brain?

Disney’s magic keys can be yours for $1,997

Who is this course for? It's for you if you...

  • Want to be the talk of the town and create rabid fans in your clients
  • Want a stream of referrals and to slash the cost of finding new clients
  • Dream of giving your clients an experience unlike any other financial advisor - and turning your office into the happiest place on earth

This course is not for you if…

  • You feel like what you’re doing for your clients is “good enough”
  • You don’t really care if your clients talk about your office to the people they care about
  • You don’t want to take the incredible ideas you’ll get inside the program and run with them

Money Back Guarantee

I don’t believe in buyer’s remorse.  Sign up for the program and get started on the modules today.  If within 30 days you conclude this isn’t for you, just shoot me an email and I’ll refund you back every penny.  I won’t even ask why. 

If you dream of creating an unforgettable experience your clients won’t stop talking about, click below to get immediate access to Disney’s magic now.


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