The Missing Piece to Your Marketing...


I hate to say it, but I think the world has changed a bit.

No, I'm talking about masks or booster shots.

Actually, this change is good.

Webinars are becoming the preferred method of marketing.  And not just for businesses.  It's the consumer who is demanding them.




Since I've started doing them every month, my results have soared.  And I encourage you to do likewise.   

“Wait!” you say?  “I have to deliver a new webinar every month?

No, only if you wish to be successful. 

But – what if you have no idea how to…

  • Set up the tech that goes into a webinar?
  • Get people to register, and even better, SHOW UP?
  • Most importantly, create fresh, relevant content to share with your prospects?
That must mean you’re screwed, right?

Nope. Uncle DC’s got you covered.


Renegade Webinars

I’ve partnered with Sweet Lady Grace Fortune to create a 12-month system of done-for-you webinars that will make your prospects fall in love with you and want to become your clients.  

These are the very same webinars I use in my practice.

Here’s what's in Renegade Webinars…

  • One webinar in Power Point per month, each and every month. 
  • A new Webinar topic, content and slides - all done for you.
  • Webinar setup in Demio (you will need to register and pay for an account there) – done for you for 12 months. Lady Grace will even attend your first 3 webinars and help support you with tech issues and basic questions in the chat – you just have to arrange it with her around her schedule.
  • Promotional emails created for you (no copywriter needed!) and scheduled in your email marketing tool (ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp or Infusionsoft only)
    • PLUS: confirmation and show-up emails created for you and set up in your email marketing tool. Grace will even set up a replay email so that no-shows don’t miss out, and people who did attend can rewatch.
    • BONUS: Tagging in your email marketing tool. Know at a glance who registered for your webinar, who showed up, and who didn’t.
  • Postcards designed for you for 12 months that you can snail mail to your prospects (designed only – you’ll need to have them printed and mailed out). Lady G will customize them for you with your registration link and your logo/contact details.
  • BONUS: A clever way to use Facebook to promote your webinar for free.

You also get…

Grace and my video trainings – everything you need to learn how to run an incredible webinar, and create your own webinars in the future.

"No one understands marketing and client nurture for financial advisors better than Dan Cuprill. That's probably because he is one. My businesses has more than doubled since working with him. "

Kevin Wray
Wray Financial Services, Pinconning, MI

Okay, what’s this cost?

I'm glad you asked.

There are two versions of the program.


If you choose the full version of the program, your investment would be a monthly cost of $1,297.

This covers the costs of the admin work we do on the back end to get your webinars set up, creating your customized client avatar profile (the secret weapon that gets the RIGHT people attending your webinar), and having Lady Grace attend your first three webinars.

That's for as long as you wish to remain in the program.  Quit any time. You will get access to continued customized content and webinar setup for as long as you remain in the program. Plus, continuous access to our training and resources. And, naturally, we’re here to support you via email.

Because of the high level of support you get with this program (and Lady G being a bit possessive of her time),  we have an application process, and we take on a limited number of people in the program. 

Click the button below to apply now.




With this version of the program, your investment would be a monthly cost of $997.

This is for advisors who already have a team that can set up a webinar - it's for you if what you really need is the content. You still get all our trainings, and bonuses - the only thing you don't get is Grace's help with implementation. 

This version of the program is $997/month for as long as you wish to remain in the program. Quit any time. And, of course, we’re here to support you via email.

Click the button below and subscribe now to get immediate access to this version of the program.


Lastly, this program is NOT for everyone. 

In fact, I’d venture to say very FEW advisors I know are a good fit for this program!

But if you are one of the few who is ready to take this new world of marketing, then click the option that works for you to get started.  


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