Attention Financial Advisors Who Are
Tired of Chasing The Next Sale...

If you are tired of sales rejection, chasing prospects, playing "the numbers game", pandering to infohogs and feel like you have to compromise the quality of client you work with just to pay the bills,


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Dear Fellow Advisor,

I have some harsh news for you.

News that won't be shared by your FMO, broker-dealer or turn key asset manager.

No matter what you say or do, a lot of people won't hire you.

No one needs you for the products you sell.

Now, before you get defensive, let me make something clear.

I'm not saying that you don't do good work, treat your clients well or provide value. 

But the world has changed. You are no longer the gatekeeper to the world of financial products.

Accepting this new reality isn't easy but it is necessary.

My name is Dan Cuprill, and like you, I'm a financial advisor. I'm not a sales trainer or cocky millennial who has untested theories about how the world works.

As a Certified Financial Planner for over 25 years, I've heard and seen it all. But it wasn't until I accepted the reality that people didn't need me to plan their retirements that I REALLY hit full stride in my practice. In fact, we massively increased our AUM while decreasing the number of clients we served. 

A lot of people love free information.
They'll take as much of your knowledge and time as you're willing to give.

But they still won't hire you.


Let me share with you a story that I think you'll find sadly familiar.

"Despite having a lot of money, this client’s strategy was a mess. His current advisor was more into selling him products than solving problems. High taxes, poor performance, no strategies to address the cost of long term care, style drift, overlap, high volatility, probate. You name it. It was as if he had never done any planning at all.

Thank goodness he met me. We spent three afternoons together.

First, I gathered a bunch of information. I collected his tax returns, his pay stubs, his insurance policies, his investment statements. I even got a copy of his employer handbook.

I asked all kinds of questions.

When did he want to retire?
What did he want to do when he retired?
How much money would he need every month?

Then I went back and wrote a detailed analysis.

I had a Monte Carlo, a Social Security timing report, a tax analysis. Morningstar, Risk-Alyze, Money Guide, E-Money.

Three-hundred pages in all.

Then I took him through it page by page.

And then, just when he was supposed to move all his money to my management, he said,“This is great. Let me look it over, and I’ll get back to you.”

And he never did.

He never got back to me. He never answered my phone calls. Or my emails, or my letters,
or my videos. Nothing. 

Does this sound familiar?

What I just described has happened to every financial advisor I know.

In our never ending hunt for new clients, especially LARGE clients, we often give away control of the selling process. We put ourselves at their mercy, diminishing our worth and self-esteem as they ignore our plea for a decision.

We chase. And we chase. And we lose.

 From the very beginning, the basis for the relationship is flawed.

But that changes NOW.

Renegade Selling will teach you a far different approach to selling than you've likely ever used. In some ways, it's almost "anti-selling." But don't be fooled - it is selling.

The purpose of my system is to acquire a client. But not just ANY client, an EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT. This system will repel those info-shoppers, time vampires, advisor hoppers and those who are simply a pain in your butt.

The Renegade Selling system keeps YOU in control of the meeting at all times.

Starting tomorrow, they play by your rules, not theirs.


You never make enough money with ANY client to justify suffering.


We've all had them: crappy clients.

The ones who blow up your phone at the slightest market hiccup.

The ones you let out an audible groan when you see them on your calendar.

The ones who bail to another advisor because they only got a 6% return this year.

The truth is, you'll never make enough money from ANY client to justify living through these (and many other) headaches.

It's seemed unavoidable...

Until now.

Renegade Selling is all about attracting your I.D.E.A.L clients.


Who Is Your I.D.E.A.L Client?

Invests 100% of their money with me

Doesn't panic when markets drop

Eager to refer people to me

Always attends meetings


The I.D.E.A.L client hires you not for the products you sell,
but for the alleviation of financial anxiety. 

So how do you quickly and easily identify an I.D.E.A.L client?

A less than I.D.E.A.L prospect possesses what I like to call "landmines." These are things that will prevent the relationship from achieving it's fullest potential.

Typical sales training recommends you never bring up landmines. In fact, you should steer the conversation away from these difficult topics.

Renegade Selling searches out these 5 landmines, prepared to defuse or refuse...

Keeping you in FULL control of your meeting.

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Here's What Advisors Are Saying About
Dan Cuprill and Renegade Selling:

What Will You Find in Renegade Selling?

  • How to get 100% of your client's money (no more fighting for thin slices of the pie)
  • The warning signs of a client who will leave you at the slightest market hiccup
  • Your no-fail formula to identifying & addressing landmines in the FIRST meeting
  • How to take back control and prevent info-shoppers and time vampires from abusing your good nature
  • Why a prospect's lack of anxiety about money isn't just a red flag - it's a red flag factory
  • How to identify Cheating Husband Syndrome (and why prospect's with existing advisors are likely wasting your time)
  • The quickest way to identify a "control freak"
  • The Renegade Selling System Rules, your live-and-die-by guide to easily implementation of the Renegade Selling method
  • How to NEVER close again - in fact, prospects will be asking YOU where to sign
  • Why charts and graphs are killing your sales and why you'll never need to use them again
  • The 3 Meeting Sales Process that is not only designed to maximize the client's experience, but also YOUR PROFITABILITY.


Renegade Selling is NOT just "another sales training."
It is your complete roadmap to taking back control of your practice, working with only those prospects that you want to work with, and enjoying your work as a financial advisor again.



What You Get:

Video Workshop
The First Meeting

Over 40 minutes of video training to get you prepared for the most important meeting with a prospect: the first meeting. Includes a downloadable list of the landmines you MUST be watching for as well as bonus videos.

Video Workshop
The Second Meeting

The second meeting is all about co-designing a plan, and getting your prospects onboard with your approach to financial planning. Complete with video training and a dedicated training video on co-designing plans.

Video Workshop
The Third Meeting

Now it's time to complete the sale. During the third meeting, you'll be presenting your recommendations. Dan Cuprill shows you how to summarize everything into just 3 pages - to keep the conversation on the end goals and away from the technical talk.

 2 Hours
One-on-One Coaching with Dan Cuprill

Make sure you are using the system to your best benefit with four 30 minute 1-on-1 calls with Dan Cuprill, scheduled at your convenience. Use them to clarify concepts or debrief after sales appoints - it's up to you.

"Will Renegade Selling Really Work For Me?"

Yes. The Renegade Selling method is as close to guaranteed to work for your practice as possible.

The key to your success is in the implementation, and only you have that control.

Is this only for fee based advisors?

No. It's for any advisor committed to taking control of the sales process and making their business a success.

If I'm just starting out will this work for me?

Absolutely. In fact, by starting your practice with Renegade Selling, you can save yourself years of frustration.

My business is different, will it work for me?

Yes. This works for any financial practice, because your business still falls into a fundamental business model.

How much time will this take?

This program was designed with short actionable videos with transcripts and downloads to move to you tot he results you need. But if someone is looking for the magic pill, they won't find it. This is a system designed to create results, by your own hard work. Period. 

What if I don't like being a Renegade?

You have 7 days to test drive the concepts of the Renegade Selling Accelerator program. If you are unhappy for any reason, reach out within 7 days for a full refund. We will part as friends. 

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