You've spent a lot of money attracting prospects...


Are you consistently following up with them?

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If you aren't following up, you're setting thousands of marketing dollars on fire.


How so, you might ask?

It's due to the fact that less than 3% of prospects are ready to hire a financial advisor right away.

And the fact that countless other advisors are spending all of their marketing budgets trying to attract the same ready-to-sign unicorns. 

Are you running in this overcrowded rat race with them?

Or are you ready to start consistently attracting the 67% of prospects who will be ready to hire you at some point in the future?

You've spent a lot of money attracting prospects.

Make it money well spent.

Nurture them with content that is:


It gets the people talking (and responding)! Prospects want informative and entertaining content that isn't solely financial-focused.


Email is just one component of a good marketing arsenal. You have to employ several media to nurture effectively: video, postcards, newsletters, and more.


It's all about achieving top-of-mind awareness with your prospects. You can only achieve this through consistent nurture.

That's why we created RENEGADE NURTURE.

Here's everything you get:

Daily Emails ($2,200 monthly value)

This is the BIG fish. Regardless of whether you have 5 subscribers (one being your Mom) or 5000 on your list, the biggest question is: How do you nudge them from internet strangers to sitting in your office?

Study after study shows that only a small percentage of people are ready to act the first time they encounter you, whether that's on the radio or coming to one of your workshops. You already know the key is to stay in communication with these people until they are ready... but what do you say?

That's where the DAILY email comes in. That's right, we said DAILY.

It's very simple to do, but it has to be done properly.

Your emails must be worth getting read. They must be both informative and entertaining.

So we write them for you.

These emails not only get opened and read but they get REPLIED to.

And you'll receive one for every weekday of the month, sent to you a month in advance.


Nurture Videos ($750 monthly value)

Every month, you'll receive a professionally customized graphical video that tells a powerful story emphasizing the need for professional advice. (Sample from August 2021)

Postcards ($500 monthly value)

A major failing of many marketers is to rely too heavily on digital.  The average person receives over 150 emails a day.  But in their mailbox sit less than 5 pieces.  We've created a series of direct mail postcards you can send with the click of a mouse.

Sales Letters ($1,000 monthly value)

Postcards are great for sharing quick information or inviting prospects to one-off events. Sales Letters provide you with an even more powerful way to nurture via direct mail. Our sales letters address a currently relevant topic, telling a compelling story as to why prospects should schedule a consultation with you. 

Client Nurture ($1,000 monthly value)

What about your existing clients? Don't they need nurture as well?  I find the best way to do that is to send a couple monthly videos that discuss the issues of the day and provide a long-term lesson.  So, every month I'll send you the videos I send to my clients along with the transcripts to assist you in delivering a similar message. (Sample from June 2021)


Newsletter ($500 quarterly value)

Finally, we provide you with a four-page newsletter you can customize and send to clients and prospects four times a year. (Sample from July 2021)

So, what's all this monthly content going to cost you?

Only $199 a month!


And your first month is only $50 with code NURTURE!


That's over $65,000 in annual value for only $2,400!

Start Nurturing NOW

Renegade Nurture was specifically designed for:

→ Financial advisors who are sick and tired of rising marketing costs, harder to fill seminars, and shrinking results

→ Financial advisors who've struggled to gain traction with their online marketing efforts no matter how many blog posts they write, or how many dollars they throw at Facebook or Google

→ Financial advisors who are tired of wasting precious time and energy trying to understand this "digital marketing thing", and are getting overwhelmed with having to constantly produce new content

→ Financial advisors who have invested hundreds (or even thousands!) on marketing and business coaches who've told them WHAT to do but not HOW to do it

→ Financial advisors, who despite the temporary setbacks, recognize that there's still no getting around consistently nurturing your prospects and clients

→ Financial advisors who are ready to finally start converting their hard-earned prospects into clients...

This system gives you a crystal clear, *can't fail* roadmap for predictably growing and scaling your business through achieving top-of-mind awareness with your prospects.

Skeptical this system works? Here's what three of our members have to say about it:

Lee Perkins, Macon, GA

When I first heard you talk about the daily emails, I was skeptical.   But I knew I had a ton of folks in my database that had not heard from me in quite some time.  Once I started using the emails and other materials, I received a lot of positive feedback.  This is way better than canned industry jargon.

I recently re-engaged a prospect from 3 years ago who just moved $1.8 million dollars to me.  No more skepticism.

Nathan O'Bryant, Jackson, TN

”I just had another one reach out this past Thursday.  They’ve been on my list for 2 years.  He’s needing help with a significant inheritance.  He specifically said he’s been enjoying the emails and that’s why he reached out.  We’ve already have had new clients this year (2021) from the daily emails.”

Ryan Ledden, Alpharetta, GA

“Thanks to your program, I got 13 new leads and 2 appointments set while sitting in a deer stand.”

There's no risk to check it out.

I’m 100% certain that membership in Renegade Nurture will finally give you the tools to kick your long-term marketing into high gear. 

In fact, we're so sure you’ve never seen anything like Renegade Nurture, I’m going to take all the risk while you check it out.

Sign up for your Renegade Nurture membership today and start tapping into all the resources I have waiting for you.

→ If you aren’t 1,000% convinced that there’s no other resource for financial advisors anywhere today that is as powerful and easy to use as this is…

→ If you don’t agree it’s the simplest, most straightforward way to not only attract the right prospects but nurture those prospects into enthusiastic clients…

Simply let us know within your first 30 days of membership.

We’ll refund your initial membership fee in full. No questions asked.

(And you can always cancel your membership any time after. The only catch? Once you cancel, you'll be unable to re-join the program.) 

Only $199 a month!


Use code NURTURE at checkout and your first month is only $50!



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