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Attention My Fellow Financial Advisors…

COVID-19 has killed Plate Licker Marketing!


Stop Throwing Money Down the Marketing Drain!

Dear Amigo y Amiga:

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  

Anyone who tells you they’ve found the secret to instant client acquisition, a marketing magic bullet, a quick fix to 10x’ing your business is full of… 

Bovine Excrement.

But deep down, you already know that.  

I see so much money wasted on bad marketing, much of it pushed by product VEN-DERZzz who could care less if you make a profit.  

In fact, I think deep down they’d rather you NOT make huge profits.  

After all, the hungrier you are, the more product-focused you are.

To them, marketing is just spending money you don’t have.  Raid your IRA.  Put it on a credit card.  Am I wrong?

Let me offer you a very simple formula that works every time it’s tried:


  • Build a list of people who reach out to you first.
  • Strategically nurture that list until they buy…or they die.
  • Make them offers they will find irresistible.



It’s that simple.

 The key, of course, is building the list.  

Not just any list.  

Not a list you buy from some direct mail shop in Florida.

I’m talking about a list made up of people from your target market that have a strong interest in what you do.

And by target market, I’m not talking about people age 55 and up with $500,000 to invest.

I’m talking about a real target market that goes beyond age and net worth.  I’m talking about getting as specific as demographics, psychographics, occupation, employer – even alma mater.


When I started Advisor Architect a few years ago, I was very hesitant to talk about marketing.

Not because I didn’t think it’s important.  It’s probably the single most important system of any business.  

But because there’s so much more to running a successful business than just marketing.  

I wanted financial advisors to see every system required to achieving true entrepreneurship:  work on your business, not in it.  

One of the major obstacles I see when it comes to advisor success is waste.  They simply waste money on crap that doesn’t work.

And nowhere is that more apparent than in marketing.

Too many of us are in search of the next shiny object, rather than employing basic principles that have worked for decades.

Things like this…

You build a list of people interested in what you do:  You accomplish this by delivering a solution that solves a problem facing your target market.  For me, it’s my book Defuse:  7 Steps to Saving Your 401k from the Ticking Tax Time Bomb.  I target people who work for large corporations because my hometown is dominated by four Fortune 500 companies.

For other advisors with whom I work, their book is specifically addressed to their target market, like Ryan Fleming. (That's his book there!)

A commercial pilot half the time, Ryan works only with one type of client:  other pilots.  Other advisors I know work with dentists, optometrists, or federal employees.  They’ve created marketing materials so compelling to their target market that prospects reach out to them for information.  In other words, the prospect contacts the advisor first.

Nurture the list:  Even the best of direct marketers screw this one up.  They send out their stuff and pray the recipient will rip it open and call them, but it rarely works that way.  Nurturing requires a systematic effort, and it takes time to reap the benefits of those efforts.

After watching advisor after advisor throw money down the bad marketing drain, I finally had enough.   It’s time to make this very simple system available to the masses.  


I can’t promise you the same results me and the members of my Renegade Advisor horde are getting. 

 For me, almost 9% of everyone who orders my book and the materials I include in my Shock & Awe kit either come to a workshop, attend a webinar, or schedule an appointment with me.  

Some contact me right away, but most take their time.  That’s okay.  I’m not going anywhere and I nurture them until they buy, die, or opt-out.  It’s a system.

Here’s what you get with my Renegade Marketing System:

Your own book, with your name on it, directed at your target market.

Not a general book that anyone can write.  No, I’m talking about a book that screams at your target market like The Commercial Pilot’s Guide to a Successful Retirement or How to Maximize Retirement as a XYZ Corp. Executive.  

You and I will write this book together.  If I say so myself, this one feature of the program is HUGE.  Book writing services can easily cost $75,000 or more.  And don’t worry if you have trouble with even writing your name.  I have on my team professional copywriters who do the work for you.    You can order as many books as you want at cost for less than $3.00 a copy.  You can also edit the book at any time.  

The materials you need to create your own Shock and Awe kit.

This includes a book, a CD, and several free reports.  We do the customization.  You order and pay for the materials as you need them (my S&A kit costs about $10 to produce). 

A state of the art lead generation and nurture system.

Here’s what I mean by state of the art:

It’s 2 a.m. and Bob has just returned from a night of saving lives as a vascular surgeon.  He’s tired, but not quite ready to go to bed.  

He flips on Facebook and runs across an ad that reads:

Attention MD’s:  New book unveils the 7 steps every doctor must make if he/she ever hopes to retire.

Intrigued, he clicks on the ad and watches a brief video by the book’s author.  He wants to know more.  He clicks and orders the book.  

Now, for many advisors, that’s where their marketing ends.  

And that’s why it fails.

Now consider this approach:

  1. Within seconds of ordering the book, the doctor receives a text and a voicemail from you.  It thanks him for his order and lets him know it’s on its way.  In the meantime, he should reach out to you.
  2. The next day an email shows up in his inbox once again confirming his order.
  3. Instead of just a book, a full box arrives.  In it, he finds not only your book, but an audio CD, a four page letter from you (written in a way that will motivate him to act), and several reports.  
  4. After the kit arrives, he receives another voicemail.  Then a text.  Followed by daily emails.  Every now and then, he also gets a postcard.
  5. Finally, he gets an invitation to a webinar or a live class.  Or he clicks on a link to schedule a 15-minute call.

Does he come in for an appointment right away?  Maybe, but he is now a part of your list.  And not just a crappy email list.  You have his home address as well.  When he’s ready to act, he doesn’t have to try to remember you.  You never went away.

Best of all, this is fully automated.  And most importantly, it’s all...

... done for you!

What are you waiting for?

While all this is going on, you, my friend, are sound asleep, playing golf, having dinner with your spouse, or fishing for brown trout.  

In addition to the above customized materials, you also get:

    • Hand-holding and support by my own personal consultant in all matters digital.  He is so talented, I’ve dubbed him my digital Swiss Army Knife.   In addition to building out a social media campaign to promote your Shock & Awe kit, he will also build out your automation system that will include emails, voicemails, and text messages.  He is currently generating leads for me at under $3.00 per.
    • Infusionsoft:  The gold standard in auto-response marketing.  If you already have it, we will lower your cost.    My team will build the system out for you, as well as train you and your staff.  But don’t worry - as long as you remain in the program, we will be your experts.   
    • Renegade Nurture:  I pay two professional copywriters to write the nurture emails I send to my prospects every day.  You get these same emails.  In addition, you get a graphical video every month in addition to a whole slew of postcards you can send out to your prospects.  And it’s all automated. 
    • Enrollment in my Renegade Marketing Mastermind Group. I don’t believe in just telling you what to do or even how to do it.  I built Renegade Marketing so it would be done for you.  So, in addition to my implementation team of tech experts, copywriters, and administrative superstars, you receive monthly interaction with me to discuss how to use the program to its highest level.   Every month, I host a one hour Zoom call to address your questions and offer advice in all things marketing.

"Dan, just landed another $1.2 million from a guy who came to my workshop a year ago. He said, ‘My current advisor never calls me. You write me every day. I want to work with you."

Nathan O’Bryant
Jackson, TN

So what's all this cost?

I'm so glad you asked.

Let’s first go over again what you get:

1. A customized lead magnet book that we co-write together.

 I’ve already written my chapters.  You need to simply write yours.  

2. All the other materials to complete your own Shock & Awe kit.

a) Audio CD:  You record it (we even give you the script!) and we handle the production.

b) Four-page sales letter.

c) Four-page magazine-style brochure that highlights your practice.

d) 2-Minute graphical video called The Ticking Tax Time Bomb, customized for you.  This can be either pressed into a DVD or delivered via email.

3. Infusionsoft: THE gold standard in automated marketing.

You will have an account for as long as you remain in the program.  

4. An implementation team to make all of this DONE FOR YOU.  That includes a professional copywriter to write your chapter if needed, my Digital Swiss Army Knife to set up your automation (including Facebook Ad management), and my personal assistant Sweet Lady Grace to produce your finished materials and order your supplies.

Note:  We work with you to create the materials.  You will pay for whatever kits you order at cost.  Grace will process your order and ship it to you, or you can have them created on your own.  Also, you pay for the Facebook ads.  We handle the day-to-day account management.


Okay, now let’s get to cost.

The program has two components.

First, we need to help you to create your Shock & Awe kit.  

For that, there is a one-time cost of $7,997.    

As an aside, getting your own book written for you can easily cost 10 times this amount.  

Again, keep in mind you will pay for the actual books and materials yourselves.  This fee is to customize them for you.  It includes working with a professional copywriter.  The kit itself, including the book, should cost you less than $15 per.  Sometimes even less.  

Then, for the automation services, my Renegade Nurture Program, and membership in the Renegade Marketing Mastermind Group, there is a monthly fee of $997.

Note:  You can cancel any time.  Your only initial commitment is the $7,997 to create your Shock & Awe kit.  And remember…we do the customization.  You will pay for all materials, which you can order through us at cost.  Simply tell us what you need and we’ll get it to you.

My 30-Day “DC this is just too much work” Guarantee: 

I don’t believe in buyer’s remorse.  Sign up for the program.  Get started on creating your kit with the assistance of my implementation team.  If by day 30 you conclude this isn’t for you, just shoot me an email and I’ll refund you back every penny.  I won’t even ask why. 

Lastly, this program is NOT for everyone. 

Less than half of the advisors I know are a good fit for this program!

So rather than just throw it out there and ask people to buy, there is an application process.  And trust me…this is not some “hard to get” ploy.  This program gives advisors access to some of the most important people in my life.  I’m an overprotective parent when it comes to this team of professionals.  They are truly the best at what they do.

If you think Renegade Marketing might work for you, click below to complete an application.   I will respond to you in less than 3 business days.  Also, capacity for this program is limited.  So, while we offer it to all that qualify, we will limit the start dates to assure our quality and capacity is not challenged.

Best regards,
Dan Cuprill, CFP®


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