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Transform Your Practice from a Sales Center into a Profit Machine by Harnessing the Power of Systems.

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"Just focus on revenue growth and profitability will figure itself out."

How many times have you heard your FMO/Broker-Dealer/RIA/ TAMP say this?  

The first time I heard it, I knew there was something wrong.  It was like an "a-ha" moment."  

Product VEN-DERZzz want us to believe the key to more profit is to keep adding more clients.  And who can blame them?  It serves their interests.  

But guess what? Revenue DOES NOT equal profit.  If it did, Uber would be incredibly profitable instead of losing billions.

Until you make profit the singular focus of your practice, you will not achieve the personal net worth you probably desire.  Wouldn't you like to be your largest client?

Creating a business that's a profit center instead of a sales floor requires harnessing the Power of Systems.

The Renegade Advisor System, which I use to run my $1,000,000+ fee-based practice will show you not only how much easier it is to hit a profit goal, but how doing so will let you achieve the real definition of an entrepreneur:  one who works on his business, not in it.

Why you should listen to me

Like you, I am a financial advisor. My firm, Money & Clarity, manages over $200 million dollars for 200 families throughout the country. And I live 300 miles away from the office.

Wherever you are in your practice, I've been there.

Having worked with over a hundred independent, fee-based advisors since I launched Advisor Architect, I know most of us are trained to run sales offices, not profit centers. We were told to just keep spending more to make more.

While it's true you must invest money to make more, there is a point where the returns should increase with growth, not diminish. There is a point where you should receive the rewards of entrepreneurship: the ability to spend your day making the decisions and nothing else. The ability to see profits grow without taking on new clients. The ability to live wherever you want.

That's what my Renegade programs are all about.

Here's Everything You Receive as a Renegade Advisor:


The Renegade Systems

Streamlining your practice to achieve a 60%+ profit margin requires systemization and automation.   Especially if you desire to make yourself non-essential to the day-to-day operations and see profit continue to grow.  

Renegade Systems is all about implementing systems behind the scenes, helping you automate everything from metrics to client retention to referrals and even succession planning.  Automation doesn't necessarily mean a computer does the work.  It means YOU don't do the work.

Renegade Marketing

Adapted from the principles of the great Dan Kennedy, our Renegade Marketing system will take your marketing from 0 to 100 in three months through the creation and implementation of a direct marketing strategy.

We will help you identify your niche(s), develop your marketing collateral including two books, design a shock and awe kit, and promote that kit to your target market(s).

Renegade Selling

Stop chasing the next sale, pandering to info-hogs, or compromising the quality of your clients. Start closing IDEAL prospects with our contrarian selling system.

Click the link above to learn more. 

Renegade Nurture

You know most people who hear your message aren't ready to act now.  Many will act, but very few right away.  Probably less than 10%.  Great marketers understand this and implement systems designed to maintain "top of mind" awareness with their prospects.  Sadly, few financial advisors understand this major step toward marking success. 

And even if they do, creating powerful nurture content is difficult and laborious. Renegade Nurture solves all this by offering a "done-for-you" prospect and client nurturing program. Every month you receive daily emails, videos, and other content for nurturing your list until they "buy, die, or opt-out."

Click the link above to learn more.

Renegade Webinars

Nurturing with email and direct mail keeps you top-of-mind with your prospects, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful to get them to meet with you. That's where webinars come in.

Each month you receive a done-for-you, currently relevant webinar to present to your list.

Click the link above to learn more. 

Renegade Mindset

Let's face it, we all have head trash that prevents us from reaching our full potential, and we all need little help taking it to the curb.

Developed in partnership with Nina Cooke, a performance coach from the U.K., our mindset program combines a monthly, repeatable mindset course with regular coaching sessions with Nina herself. While we're helping you fine-tune your practice into a high-performance machine, she'll be doing the same with you and your mindset.

Click the link above to learn more.

The Profitable Advisor Newsletter

Directly from the desk of Dan Cuprill, learn the secrets of a top-performing financial advisor who lives 300 miles from his office, works only with clients he likes, operates with just one administrative employee, and takes off 3 months a year.

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How does the Renegade Advisor program work?


When you go to the doctor for a checkup...

They don't just check one part of your body, do they? No, the doctor conducts a comprehensive review of your health.

When you work with us, we take the same approach with your practice. While there may be areas of your practice that need more attention than others, we review your business holistically and help you implement systems throughout, turning your business into a well-oiled machine that produces profits even when you aren't around.

Combining a consultative approach, virtual instruction, and extensive implementation support, Renegade Advisor is designed to transform your practice in several phases over the course of 12 months:


Phase 1: Metrics & Profit (The Systems)

Phase 2: Marketing

Phase 3: Implementing Nurture

Phase 4: Implementing Webinars

Phase 5: Renegade Selling

Phase 6: Circling Back to Systems

Ongoing: Mindset

Click Here to Download our Full Program Syllabus

But how is Renegade Advisor different than any other coaching or consulting program?

One word: Implementation.

We don't just say, "here's a bunch of information, good luck figuring it out yourself!"

Instead, we work in the trenches with you. From ghostwriters who will help you write your book chapters to a virtual assistant who will help you customize all the assets for your marketing collateral, we provide all the support people you need to successfully implement all elements of the program.

On top of that, the successful completion of Renegade Advisor grants you an invitation to:

The Inner Sanctum

Exclusively for advisors who all completed the Renegade Advisor program, The Inner Sanctum is an elite mastermind group that comes with numerous benefits:

  • Monthly mastermind/master class
  • Access to annual Advisor Architect meeting
  • Unlimited access to Dan
  • Access to new releases from Advisor Architect
  • Continued subscriptions to Renegade Webinars, Renegade Nurture, and the Profitable Advisor Newsletter

Okay, let's get down to brass tacks:

How much does Renegade Advisor cost?


$2,447 a month for twelve months.

Let's recap everything you receive as a Renegade Advisor:

  • Systems ($2,000 monthly value)
  • Marketing ($999 monthly value)
  • Selling ($250 monthly value)
  • Nurture ($199 monthly value)
  • Webinars ($999 monthly value)
  • Mindset ($129 monthly value)
  • Profitable Advisor Newsletter ($47 monthly value)
  • Implementation support ($1000 monthly value)

That's over $5,000 in monthly value for only $2,447, a savings of over 50%. I've yet to encounter another coaching or consulting program that provides the same value as Renegade Advisor at a similar price point.

So, are you ready to become a Renegade Advisor and take your practice to the next level?

Our enrollment is selective, so the next step is to schedule an initial consultation with Wes Cuprill, head of sales and marketing for Advisor Architect. He'll answer any questions you might have, discuss your business goals, and outline the next steps. 

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