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Dear Friend:

Okay, I’ll admit that headline is a mouthful.  But it makes a key point:

As a business owner, you can have the life and practice you’ve always wanted.  This means you live where you want, work when you want, and most importantly, only with whom you want.  

Are you doing this now?

It’s not a pipe dream, but the reason so many financial advisors fail to achieve their vision rests in where they turn for direction.  

In short, they build their business based on advice offered by the one entity that sees advisor success as a bad thing:  The Product VEN-DERZzz: the FMO’s, B/D’s, and Turn Key Asset Managers.  

A few years ago, I expressed my frustration with financial advisor failure by writing two books, Advisor Architect & Renegade Advisor.  These books have been wildly successful as I demonstrated how I run my $200 million plus AUM practice with a support staff of one, all while living 300 miles away so I can fly fish whenever I want.

My practice serves my vision only. 

And this frustrates, even angers, many of the VEN-DERZzz with whom I work.  

Vendors encourage we hit sales goals, not profit goals.  They push us to borrow money to finance marketing. Or worse, invade our savings.  They promote large and expensive infrastructures, knowing such a blueprint requires you to sell more and profit less.  

They do this because VEN-DERZzz want to us to keep selling, even if we no longer have to.

Vendors are not our enemies…but let’s be clear, they are not our friends.  

Since I wrote those two books, I have shown scores of other financial advisors another way.  A better way.

Through the use of Profit Based Systems, you can almost overnight transform your business from that of a crappy sales job into the one you’ve always wanted.  

These advisors have seen their profits have soar, as well as their quality of life.

I’d like to show you as well.

My monthly subscription newsletter, The Profitable Advisor Letter, will provide you with insight and strategy you won’t get anywhere else.  

It’s written by an advisor (moi) for an advisor (you).

Every month I go deep in giving you in immediately applicable strategies for achieving your goals.  Strategies I use myself. Strategies that work.  

Topics include tracking results, cash flow management, marketing, selling, automation client retention, staffing, client service, investment strategy, planning strategy.  

I interview leading players within and outside our industry (I’ll let you in a little secret:  the smartest people in business are not financial advisors. And we can learn from them).

I also give my subscribers access to ask me questions they have about their practice.  

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Dan Cuprill, CFP


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Don't Take My Word for It...

“I cannot overstate how significantly Dan Cuprill’s insight’s have impacted my business which of course has had an immediate and direct impact on the quality of my life.  For the first time in my professional career as a financial advisor, I feel in control of both my present and future.”

-- Dan Betzel, Columbus, Ohio

“Dan Cuprill uses a “no holds barred” approach when helping financial advisors.  He tells it like it is offering real ideas and the tools to implement them because he walks in our shoes every day.”

--Wade Chessman, Dallas, TX

“Getting advice from Dan is one of the best things I’ve ever done.  His ideas and strategies transformed my practice in less than one year.  He shows serious advisors how to grow a successful, sustainable, and valuable practice, working with clients who are best for you, and being efficient in everything you do from back office to marketing.”

--John Iammarino, San Diego, CA

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