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Dear Fellow Advisor,


Consistently nurturing your prospects and clients is about as crucial as needing oxygen to breathe.

Dramatic? I don't think so.

If you aren’t following up with either group on a regular basis, you’re doing both a great disservice, especially your clients.

However, it isn’t enough to nurture your list with just emails, videos, and the occasional mailer. Prospects, and especially clients, want and deserve more, and they don’t just want content that’s entertaining to consume.

They want content from which they can learn more about personal finance. They want to be consistently educated.

But not in a boring or inconvenient way.

It’s no secret times have changed. Prospects and clients are less likely to sit through a 2-day workshop at a local college 20+ minutes from their home. They especially don’t want to sit through boring, generic material adapted from snooze-inducing financial literacy courses they could’ve found themselves through Google.

So, what do you do?

Well, you give your prospects and clients an in-depth, engaging personal finance education experience they can access from the comfort of their own homes.

Sounds great, but how?

Well, at a minimum you'll need:

8-12 Modules

Each one covering a different aspect of personal finance.

Instructional Videos

You'll have to shoot, edit, and upload all of them. Did I mention they'll likely be ~30 minutes long?


Lastly, you'll need to create and format participant workbooks for each module.


But once you're done creating all of this comprehensive, engaging content, you aren't done.


You still have to build out your platform, promote it to your prospects and clients, and continuously manage and update it.


Easy, right???

The concept is certainly straightforward, but as you can already tell, it's time-consuming. 

But you see the value in building a high-quality Investor Academy because it serves as an excellent nurture tool for your clients and as a converting sales tool for your prospects.

So, what if there was a way to build your own Investor Academy while doing a fraction of the work I outlined above?

Now There Is.

Introducing The Investor Academy from Advisor Architect

Instead of building your own Investor Academy from scratch, we’ve created all the content for you. When you purchase our program, you’ll receive 12 modules that discuss various topics on personal finance, complete with all the instructional videos and participant downloads. 
And if you don’t want to do any of the heavy lifting, we’re offering an additional option where we do all the building and administration of your own Investor Academy for you! 
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Here’s how it all works.

Regardless of whether you sign up for content only or full support, you’ll receive immediate access to our Investor Academy library. This library contains all the videos and downloads you’ll need for your own Academy.
All the downloads are generically branded, and while Dan is the instructor in each of the videos, he does not mention his name nor Money & Clarity at any point. 
This gives you the ability to use the content exactly as it is, but you are more than welcome to modify the downloads or reshoot the videos to fit your own branding. 
In addition to the videos and downloads, you’ll receive the blueprint for constructing your own Investor Academy portal within Kajabi, an online course building platform.


For those of you who sign up for full support, we’ll build out your entire Kajabi portal for you. We’ll also help you with launching it to your client base while providing ongoing support.


I know all of this sounds great, so you’re likely wondering what it’ll cost you.


Well, let's first talk about what it costs to host a single in-person educational event. Give or take $7,000, right?


But that's just financial cost of hosting the event. What about all the man hours that go into planning and executing the event? Probably makes you exhausted just thinking about it.

Instead, you can build a virtual, permanent investor academy that your clients and prospects can access on demand for only $4,997.


For $4,997, you'll get access to our Investor Academy library where you’ll find all the content for a 12-module course:

Instruction Videos

... you never have to step in front of a camera.

Participant downloads

... workbooks all done for you. 

Blueprints and Instructions

...for building and launching your academy.

And for $8,997, we'll build out your academy for you and provide ongoing administrative support.

This gets you access to everything in the Investor Academy library, a one-year basic subscription to Kajabi, and 1 year of administrative support from Advisor Architect.
Your clients and prospects deserve a premier financial education experience that provides them an engaging learning environment using a convenient medium.

Give it to them by creating an Investor Academy from Advisor Architect.

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