When a prospect is ready to hire a financial advisor, are YOU the first one who comes to their mind?


There IS a predictable, done-for-you method for attracting the 67% of prospects who aren't ready to hire you the moment they first hear about you.

Dear Fellow Financial Advisor,

Most people in our industry have a major problem.

Every day, they waste thousands of dollars and countless hours chasing prospects they hope will hire them on the spot (hosting steak dinners, hiring expensive sales reps, etc.)

They don't understand why prospects hire them in the first place. They mistakenly think it's all about products. 

Let me give you a quick figure - only 3% of consumers are ready to buy a product or service at a particular moment. The more expensive that product or service, the smaller the percentage of people ready to buy right away.

Given the premium on your services, finding a prospect ready to hire you right away is harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

But this doesn't mean the prospect won't want to hire you in the future. They just aren't ready now.

Most advisors will make the mistake of giving up on prospects who aren't ready to purchase right away. They might follow up occasionally, but these advisors have directed most of their time and dollars trying to close the next ready-to-buy unicorn (them and hundreds of other advisors employing the same strategy).

So, my question for you is this: are you also chasing the unicorns, hoping one will hire you quickly?

The success of your practice depends heavily on your answer to this question.

If your current communication to your prospects (and CLIENTS!) feels random at best…

If you've been told time and again to nurture your prospects and educate them into action, but have no idea what that looks like…

If you know without a doubt you aren't achieving top-of-mind awareness with prospects when they are ready to hire an advisor…


See, it's all about achieving top-of-mind awareness.

We know 3% of people are ready to buy right away, but it's also important to understand that 30% will never buy from you.

That still leaves a massive 67% of prospects that could buy from you at some point. When one of this 67% expresses interest in your service (answered an ad, attended a workshop, opted into your list), what happens to them?

Most advisors might send them the occasional follow-up, but it's usually an invite to the next steak dinner to push a product. Whatever the content, the follow-up is so sporadic and inconsistent, the prospect has completely forgotten who this advisor is.

For advisors who correctly practice nurture, their prospects will immediately remember them when they receive a follow-up. That's because the advisor has achieved top-of-mind awareness through things like daily emails, monthly videos, postcards, newsletters, and more. When that prospect is ready to hire a financial advisor, guess who they're going to think of first?

Don't believe this is actually how it works? Take it from one of our members, Nathan O'Bryant, who successfully utilized nurture to achieve top-of-mind awareness with a prospect unsatisfied with their current advisor:

"Dan, I just landed $1.2 million from a guy who came to my workshop over a year ago. He said, 'My current advisor never calls me. You write me every day. I want to work with you."

Nathan O'Bryant
Jackson, TN

So, how do you start effectively nurturing your prospects?

We present to you:

Renegade Nurture


Designed specifically for:

→ Financial advisors who are sick and tired of rising marketing costs, harder to fill seminars, and shrinking results

→ Financial advisors who've struggled to gain traction with their online marketing efforts no matter how many blog posts they write, or how many dollars they throw at Facebook or Google

→ Financial advisors who are tired of wasting precious time and energy trying to understand this "digital marketing thing", and are getting overwhelmed with having to constantly produce new content

→ Financial advisors who have invested hundreds (or even thousands!) on marketing and business coaches who've told them WHAT to do but not HOW to do it

→ Financial advisors, who despite the temporary setbacks, recognize that there's still no getting around consistently nurturing your prospects and clients...


Renegade Nurture gives you a crystal clear, *can't fail* roadmap for predictably growing and scaling your business through achieving top-of-mind awareness with your prospects. 

Here's What's Included With Your Membership:

The Daily Emails ($2,200 monthly value)

This is the BIG fish. Regardless of whether you have 5 subscribers (one being your Mom) or 5000 on your list, the biggest question is: How do you nudge them from internet strangers to sitting in your office?

Study after study shows that only a small percentage of people are ready to act the first time they encounter you, whether that's on the radio or coming to one of your workshops. You already know the key is to stay in communication with these people until they are ready... but what do you say?

That's where the DAILY email comes in. That's right, we said DAILY.

It's very simple to do, but it has to be done properly.

Your emails must be worth getting read. They must be both informative and entertaining.

So we write them for you.

These emails not only get opened and read, but they get REPLIED to.

And you'll receive one for every weekday of the month, sent to you a month in advance.

Nurture Videos ($750 monthly value)

Every month, you'll receive a professionally customized graphical video that tells a powerful story emphasizing the need for professional advice.

Postcards ($500 monthly value)

A major failing of many marketers is to rely too heavily on digital.  The average person receives over 150 emails a day.  But in their mailbox sit less than 5 pieces.  We've created a series of direct mail postcards you can send with the click of a mouse.

Client Nurture ($1,000 monthly value)

What about your existing clients? Don't they need nurture as well?  I find the best way to do that is to send a couple monthly videos that discuss the issues of the day and provide a long-term lesson.  So, every month I'll send you the videos I send to my clients along with the transcripts to assist you in delivering a similar message.

Client Newsletter ($500 quarterly value)

Finally, we provide you with a four-page newsletter you can customize and send to clients and prospects four times a year.

So, what does this system cost?

Normally, $294 PER MONTH.

But we're offering it for only $199/month. And if you use code NURTURE at checkout, your first month is only $50!


That's over $55,000 in annual value for only $2,400 a year.




There’s No Risk to Check It Out

I’m 100% certain that membership in Renegade Nurture will finally give you the tools to kick your long-term marketing into high gear. 

In fact, we're so sure you’ve never seen anything like Renegade Nurture, I’m going to take all the risk while you check it out.

Sign up for your Renegade Nurture membership today and start tapping into all the resources I have waiting for you.

→ If you aren’t 1,000% convinced that there’s no other resource for financial advisors anywhere today that is as powerful and easy to use as this is…

→ If you don’t agree it’s the simplest, most straightforward way to not only attract the right prospects but nurture those prospects into enthusiastic clients…

Simply let us know within your first 30 days of membership.

We’ll refund your initial membership fee in full. No questions asked.

(And you can always cancel your membership any time after. The only catch? Once you cancel, you'll be unable to re-join the program.) 

Only $247 $199 PER MONTH.

Just use code NURTURE at checkout.



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